The History Behind the Brand

Elura was founded by two brothers, Mark Fukuda and his younger brother Ainslie. Elura was born out of their quest to find a great sounding speaker in an industry saturated with fancy design gimmicks and marketing hype. Their journey began in 1988 when they started tuning their own audio systems to compete against the best car audio systems in the world. From 1988-1996 the Fukuda brothers remained consecutively undefeated winning 11 National, and 6 World championships for sound and installation quality reaching the pinnacle of the car audio industry. Their achievements in the car audio industry remain a feat unequaled by anyone today. The Fukuda brothers’ obsession for perfection, and their 54+ years of combined audio experience remains the foundation of what sets Elura apart from the competition


The Fukuda brothers were disappointed with lack of audible depth and detail that most architectural speakers provided. Since there wasn’t a speaker that met their demanding standards they decided to produce a series of speakers that sounded as true to an original studio recording as possible.

Their goal became creating a speaker that out of the box sounded as if the musician were playing right in front of you. Today, Elura enjoys tremendous success driven by a simple philosophy: “exceptional sound out of the box without compromise”.

Recently, Elura captured the attention of Sonance, the company responsible for the invention of the architectural speaker. The team at Elura sent Sonance a pair of Elura R6.5Z Red Label speakers to test and compare to the heavyweights in the industry. Sonance was very impressed with Red Label, stating that they outperformed speakers that cost two to three times more. The favorable assessment on Red Label peaked Sonance’s interest, which resulted in a collaborative effort between Elura and Sonance to create an amazing product. Two years later, Elura Blue Label was born with the release of a series of 7 speakers that blew away the competition.


Elura speaker products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications included in this manual and carry with them a lifetime limited warranty under normal conditions of use. This warranty covers free parts and labor on all components with the obligation that Elura will repair or replace any component found defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products that have been abused, incorrectly installed, modified, disassembled and/or repaired by anyone other than Elura or our appointed repair facility.