Elura Black Label - Select Series

Elura Black Label - Select SeriesElura Black Label - Select Series

Select Series

Elura Red Label is the speaker line that pioneered the quest for a no-nonsense, uncompromised sound, combined with the best aesthetics. To create a product with this type of high quality sound, the design team at Elura compared the sonic and spectral signature of numerous architectural speakers in the industry. Based on the results of their findings, they identified deficiencies in other speakers and designed a new platform to ensure that the Red Label series provided the listener with a stunning, audible experience. The overwhelming amount of praise from the audio industry confirmed that Red Label speakers were a winner.

Elura Red Label Polypropylene WooferElura Red Label Polypropylene Woofer

Polypropylene Woofer

Polypropylene woofer cone for excellent internal damping and rubber surrounds for excellent flexibility and durability. Stainless steel mounting screws were utilized to allow the Black Label speakers to be installed in outdoor applications.

Elura Red Label Pivoting TweeterElura Red Label Pivoting Tweeter

Poly Imide Tweeter

Most tweeters only rotate 10 degrees. The Red Label tweeters rotate 20 degrees to allow the speakers to be installed in the best visual location while directing the music towards the listener.

Elura Blue Label High Pass FilterElura Blue Label High Pass Filter

Weather Resistant Grille

Just about all rooms have acoustical challenges. The treble contour switch will allow you to tune the speaker to any room for optimal performance.

Elura Blue Label Zero Bezel GrilleElura Blue Label Zero Bezel Grille

Zero Bezel

We expect great performance from our speakers, but not everyone wants to see them. Elura accomplished this by removing as much material and all badging from the grill, allowing a clean and elegant profile for the acoustically transparent grill.


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