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Consumer FAQs

Reach out to the custom integrator that installed the product originally. They will be able to provide help with any service request you may have.

We currently sell only to registered dealers. We will offer in the near future the ability to locate a dealer close to you. In the meantime, if you reach out, we can get you in touch with a local dealer to purchase from.

We currently only sell to dealers in the United States.

We are only able to assist in password resets for registered dealers. Please contact the company that installed the system. If you can unaware of the original company, we can get you in touch with a local dealer to assist you.

Dealer FAQs

Registered dealers can view all pricing at www.waveelectronics.com.

Complete the dealer application found at www.waveelectronics.com

Please contact the WAVE Electronics IT support team directly for a password reset.