LUX Technologies PS4-Plus-1-12D10AUPS 4+1 Channel 12V 5+5A Regulated UPS

LUX TechnologiesSKU: 70992 MPN: PS4+1-12D10AUPS


LUX Technologies PS4+1-12D10AUPS 4+1Ch 12V 5+5A Regulated UPS. The 12 Volt DC Regulated Power Supply that will completely power your recorder and cameras. Protect against power outages or failures for an extended period of time; while being far more cost efficient than the current industry solutions.

  • Phoenix Connectors for ease of installation and wire management.
  • Short Circuit Protection, with automatic restart.
  • Surge Protection.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Model: PS4+1-12D10A-UPS
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • Output Voltage: 13.8V DC
  • Total Output Current: 10a 1.25Ax4ch +5amp x 1ch
  • Efficiency: gt;S0%
  • Humidity: 95RH
  • Rated Input Voltage: 120VAC
  • Input Voltage Range: 100-240 VAC
  • Input Current: 2.5A
  • Input Freq Range: 50-60H2
  • Voltage Regulation: 12 V DC /5%
  • Voltage with Full load: 12vDC/5%
  • Fuse Type: 1.6A 4ch - Samp x 1ch PTC Fuse
  • Battery: 1x7AH
  • Work Temperature: 0C - 40C
  • Storage Temperature: -25C - 75C
  • Product Size: 205 x 265 x 90 mm
Input Voltage100-240 VAC
Output Voltage13.8V DC
Total Output Current10a 1.25Ax4ch +5ampx 1ch
Work Temperature0s C -40s C
Storage Temperature-25B C~75BC
Rated Input Voltage120VAC
Input Voltage Range100-240 VAC
Input Current2.5A
Input Freq Range50-60H2
Voltage Regulation12 V DC ?5%
Voltage with Full load12vDC?5%
Product Size205x26 5x9 0 mm
Fuse Type1.6A 4ch - Sampx 1ch PTC Fuse

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