MSTR Brand was created by professional custom A/V installers for professional custom A/V installers.

Founded by two brothers, Mark Fukuda and his younger brother Ainslie, MSTR Brand was born out of their quest to find great custom installation products in an industry saturated with fancy design gimmicks and marketing hype. Their journey began in 1988 when they started tuning their own audio systems to compete against the best car audio systems in the world. From 1988-1996 the Fukuda brothers remained consecutively undefeated winning 11 National and 6 World championships for sound and installation quality reaching the pinnacle of the car audio industry. Their achievements in the car audio industry remain a feat unequaled by anyone today. The Fukuda brothers' obsession for perfection and their 54+ years of combined audio experience remains the foundation of what sets MSTR Brand products apart from the competition.

Today, MSTR Brand has over 250 products spanning from TV mounts to high fidelity loud speakers. You won't find MSTR Brand online as it's only sold to professional custom installers. Additionally, with the development of every product, the MSTR Brand team consults with top professional custom installers to ensure that the quality and features exceed the competition.. The end result is a professional custom installation product line that rivals the best of the best at a sensible price.