Illumivue NightLight Technology


Two bright LED lights and extra-large aperture greatly improves the camera image in near-dark situations while deterring criminals.

Most crimes happen at night because of the ultra-low light which provides more convenient conditions for criminals. More effective information about vehicles and suspects, such as: plate number, color and brand of a vehicle; facial features, hair color, height and clothing color of a suspect may be usefully. Although security camera systems have become more and more popular in cities in recent years, there are still many security requirements that cannot be met, such as high-resolution night vision and colorful recording.

Illumivue has been developing products based on video surveillance technology. Now, NightLight technology is available. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, NightLight cameras guarantee video with colorful details when you need them.

NightLight Technology

NightLight Example Image

Friendly lighting LEDs

Warm light LEDs guarantee lower light pollution
and maintain the true color in the low-light environment.

Friendly Lighting LEDs



  • Cannot record the colorful and clear video when the crimes happen in the night.
  • There are low light areas around the villa and it is difficult to ensure personnel safety.
  • Cannot trigger the people alarm in the low light.


  • 7*24 colorful monitoring guard in the courtyard.
  • Provide colorful information of intruders for investigation.
  • The friendly warm light can act as a street lamp.



  • Cannot record the colorful and clear video in poorly light areas at night.
  • Monitoring is relatively less, and it is difficult to capture key information due to insufficient light.


  • Colorful monitoring around the clock.
  • Better evening illumination helps deter theft.
  • Provide colorful information of criminals for police to catch them.

Parking lot


  • Cannot record the clear vehicle and people in the parking lot.
  • The light in the parking lot is dusky.
  • Most crimes happen in the low-light environment.


  • Colorful monitoring around the clock.
  • Provide extra light to reduce construction cost.
  • The friendly warm light is not dazzling and won’t disturb the driver's vision.

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