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Pre-Construction Bracket for 6.5" In-Wall LCR
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Introducing the Elura S6.5IWLCRBRKT Pre-Construction Bracket, specifically designed to simplify and streamline the installation process for your 6.5" in-wall LCR (Left, Center, Right) speakers. This bracket is an essential accessory for construction or renovation projects, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation while maintaining optimal audio performance.

The Elura S6.5IWLCRBRKT Pre-Construction Bracket is crafted with high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability. It provides a solid foundation for your 6.5" in-wall LCR speakers, offering a stable and secure mounting platform during the construction phase. With this bracket, you can confidently plan and prepare your installation, knowing that your speakers will fit seamlessly into the designated spaces.

Sold as a single. 

Compatible With:

  • S6.5IWLCR


GeneralUsed with Elura Blue Label S6.5IWLCR