LINK Brand DAC Digital To Analog Audio Converter

LINK BrandSKU: 45741 MPN: DAC


The LINK DAC S/PDIF to Stereo Audio Mini Converter offers the easiest way to convert digital S/PDIF, either through typical coaxial RCA or optical TOSLINK connector, to high quality analog stereo audio. With the auto-speed mode detection, DAC supports audio sample rates up to 192kHz. DAC makes S/PDIF audio accessible to commodity speaker systems, such as PC speakers or old fashion AMP. Stereo audio through analog transmission media, such as cables, may lose the fidelity because of cross-talks and signal decadency! With DAC and S/PDIF digital transmission, users can enjoy the high quality audio in the most economic way with the minimal signal loss.


  • Stereo S/PDIF digital audio conversion
  • 24-bit DAC Conversion
  • Automatically detects sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Switchable between coaxial and TOSLINK S/PDIF inputs
  • Easy to install

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