Illumivue NightColor Technology


Delivers color and improved brightness in ultra-low light scenarios.

The main goal of video surveillance is to see clearly anytime, anywhere. Cameras need to be well prepared for providing high-resolution and colorful images in different light conditions. The NightColor Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. NightColor Technology significantly improves the image brightness with F1.2 Large Iris design & BSI sensor. With the specially designed large size sensors, the IPCs have higher photosensitivity, and feature high SNR. Illumivue's uniquely patented technology U-ISP improves the definition and brightness of images. U-ISP features a new generation of noise reduction technology to improve Signal-Noise Ratio and reduce blur. It effectively reduces blur during objects moving, which ensures that the image is restored to the true scene. Combine hardware and software advantages, NightColor Technology guarantees the image full of color under ultra-low light.

NightColor Technology

Challenges & Solution

In low-light environments, the IR fill light technology can achieve high-resolution, while it may lose color information and the images are black and white. The technology provides superior color-related information unable to be achieved with conventional cameras. More effective information about vehicles and suspects, such as the plate number, color, and brand of a vehicle; facial features, hair color, height and clothing color of a suspect may be usefully offered to law enforcement or other people in need.

Committed to solving this problem, Illumivue devoted significant resources to the research and development of this new ultra-low light technology. Now, NightColor technology is available and provides unmatched detail, brightness, and realistic color, along with clear images in the ultra-low light.

Illumivue new-generation algorithm (U-ISP) has many advantages, such as reducing blur and noise, and increasing sharpness. All of these advantages improve the definition and brightness of images. As shown in the following figure, a criminal is stealing a wallet from the car. The normal IPC’s image is full of snowflakes. The most obvious difference compared to the normal IPC’s image, is that we see clearer and more colorful images and obtain more detailed information by the NightColor IPC. The detailed information, such as facial features, clothing color, and plate number is easily identifiable by law enforcement.

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